Call Of Duty Block Ops 2, Is It Just A Video Game?

July 3, 2012 in Military, Video Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call Of Duty Block Ops 2, Is It Just A Video Game?, is it just a video game? The storyline was created by consulting a military futurist named Peter Singer of the UC Berkeley Institute, who also consults world leaders on what they need to be concerned with in the upcoming decade. Within 30 seconds of the interview starting the interviewer of XPlay states that he feels the storyline is completely plausible and it terrifies him! Ooph… black ops 2 zombies1 Call Of Duty Block Ops 2, Is It Just A Video Game?

Quote from Peter Singer, and consultant for the much anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call Of Duty Block Ops 2, Is It Just A Video Game?, “…Essentially what we have done is take certain trends that are just now emerging, certain technologies that are at their Model T Ford stage, and move them forward into likely potential futures. The same for the political side as well, playing what happens if they move forward. We identified key trends shaping the current and future battlefield. Some you will see played out in robotics. A generation ago, this was all science fiction. Today, the U.S. military has 7,000 unmanned vehicles in the air, some of them armed, and 12,000 on the ground. We have 50 countries out there beginning to use military robotics…

When TreyArch is crafting any historical scenarios they consult experts to help them research and make the game play more realistic. That’s cool and all but why is this consultant revealing information about the lack of “rare earth elements” which are now in ALL of our newer electronics?

They Are?!?!

Is it to desensitize the situation like the military being present in inner city schools or police officers roaming the hallways in my kids’ school?

You may think it’s for our safety but I don’t. I think it’s implemented for future scenarios. I firmly believe it’s a “slow sell”. Take our rights away REAL, REAL slowly and maybe we won’t notice! Create a few false flags and the mob mentality covets blood! Sorry, I got carried away. I should be talking about TreyArch’s November release.

Now I could sit here and continue to fire off quote after quote but I think it would sink in a bit better if you simply watched the video I recorded right off of an episode of XPlay with one of the main guys of TreyArch. What’s his name? No clue.

Will I buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in November when it’s released? You’re DAMN right! I’m a gamer people! Will I sit my children down, like I do with EVERY video game I bring into my home, and talk with them about what they are seeing?