Immortality 2045, Is Humanity Ready To Be Wiped Out?

August 6, 2012 in Human Rights, Measure Your Garbage

A neat little conference called Immortality 2045 got together in 2011 in Russia and decided it was up to them to wipe out the current human and upload our brain information into holographic avatars and live forever. I don’t know about you but I feel very comfortable knowing that a handful of people have decided, for the entire human race, that our current philosophies, ethics, ideologies, culture and even metaphysics are wrong and we need new ones.

What I love most about the video below is they give a timeline for how their project will come to fruition. Right-off-the-bat they say in “2012 – 2013 the global economic and social crises are exacerbated. The debates on the global paradigm of future development intensifies.

When I read that I see a few hidden messages… Do You?

1. “…global and social crises are exacerbated” – ex·ac·er·bate: To increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of; aggravate. At the time this is mentioned in the video they show very violent events to imply how horrible life will be so we will NEED them to come in and save the day because we can’t take care of ourselves; we are too primitive…

Of course global and social crises are going to worsen as the people slowly wake up and realize what the global banks have done to this world, what the UN has done and is trying to do to this country (Agenda 21) and the continuously growing debt obama has purposely dropped on us while repeatedly flipping the bird at our constitution.

So yes, i agree with them. Things will get worse before they get better. Especially when people are fighting for their rights. But does that mean the human race as we know it needs to be wiped out because a few people say so?

2. “…The debates on the global paradigm of future development intensifies” – Can anyone say Agenda 21? It’s written ALL over that statement when I read it. If you aren’t aware of Agenda 21 download the free PDF at If I get started on that policy I’ll never stop so download the PDF, read it and learn it because it is happening as we speak. The Government doesn’t believe in your right to own land and many, many other unconstitutional and evil things.

Those two above statements alone, are controllable events as we’ve seen throughout history

The main goal for this project is the ability to take the information from your brain, upload it to a main interface, then download your info into a holographic avatar that will be able to explore space (I saw something REAL close to this in an animated episode of Iron Man in July 2012. On the count of 3 let’s all say, “Child Conditioning”. check out the video). Sounds cool and all but why can’t that be accomplished without claiming the human race can’t take care of themselves, that all of our philosophies, values  and morals are wrong and we need to live forever?

This is very scary stuff for me. If they believe this technology will be in hand and ready to go by 2045 then shouldn’t they be able to simply “copy” their own brain info and upload it to the avatar for space exploration instead of removing the information and destroying the body and soul?

The last thing I’ll point out so you can just watch the video is their goal for 2015 – 2020. “The emergence and widespread use of affordable android “avatars” controlled by a “brain-computer” interface. Coupled with related technologies “avatars’ will give people a number of new features: ability to work in dangerous environments, perform rescue operations, travel in extreme situations etc….”

Once again a HUGE red flag went up for me. Why in the world would someone voluntarily connect their brain to a main interface when it’s a fact that the smart technology they are placing in everything from cars to cell phones, to dishwashers and mirrors have “back doors” built into them. Meaning they can access your home and shut down what they don’t want you to use in the name of smart grid technology.

So yeah, let me hook my BRAIN into a shared interface and trust that no one will be either logging my activities, planting subliminal messages or has a finger on a kill switch to wipe me out altogether. No thanks, I’ve seen the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis Dmitry Itskov…