Mini Taco Pizzas For The Raw Food Eater

January 5, 2013 in Measure Your Garbage, Raw Food Recipes

When I read about the Mini Taco Pizzas I was a little surprised. You see, I started eating completely vegan in July of 2012 and have been doing research and dabbling in going completely raw. I thought there was only one reason why I hadn’t dove head first into raw eating was lack of knowledge and then I realized that was also mixed with a lot of fear.


Fear of the unknown my friends! I don’t know a single raw food eater so I’m really intimidated by it. If you aren’t familiar with what “eating raw” means then let me give a little background…

  • food can’t be heated over 118 degrees fahrenheit (so I’ve been told)
  • lemon juice as the only preservative
  • buy organic whenever possible
  • only drink filtered or well water

…just to name off a few basics, but I DEFINITELY need to learn more… obviously!

So while digging around the Internet and checking out raw cookbooks from my local library I came across this recipe which sounds REALLY good so I will be trying this one because I actually have a dehydrator! I grabbed this recipe directly from:

20120227 IMG 6727 LR 150x150 Mini Taco Pizzas For The Raw Food Eater

Mini Taco Pizza Popper

by Michele Marie Jeppson

These Mini Taco Pizza Bites are sure to leave a lasting impression.  The taste is exquisite and far from mini!  Whether you are preparing dinner for yourself or a houseful of guests these are sure to be a hit! Dehydrate till crisp for a long lasting road trip snack!

First, make the Pizza Marinara Sauce, recipe listed below:

Pizza Marinara Sauce

2 cups finely chopped sun dried tomatoes(roughly 5 cups dried tomatoes)

1/2 cup blue solar water

Juice of 1 lime

1/3 cup hemp oil

2 large garlic cloves, pressed

1/4 cup fresh basil, oregano & thyme or dried seasonings to taste

1/4 teaspoon Redmond sea salt

Mix sun dried tomatoes in food processor until finely chopped, add remaining ingredients and pulse until almost smooth.

And then

Take 2-3 large round eggplants, slice into 1/4-1/3 inch rounds. Top with pizza sauce, then layer with mixture of your favorite vegetables.

Below is the list of what is used in the picture above:



King Oyster Mushrooms


Place completed eggplant rounds on the dehydrator, I dehydrated at 95 degrees for 4-5 hours and then folded in half into taco shape and dehydrated over night for an additional 9 hours.  You can eat them fresh or dehydrate to your liking!  By morning, the eggplant took on a broiled or seared appearance with all of the raw benefits intact!  Enjoy!